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Xian VIP Tour

PEREGRINE TRAVEL Proudly Presents Unique Access To The Treasures Of Xi’an That Are NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC

Sample Venue: Close-up view of the Terracotta Soldiers
at the Shaanxi Institute of Archaeological Research
(Not open to the public)


Xi’an VIP Tours are filled with discovery, quality, and a depth of experience. Our one-of-a-kind itineraries are designed with special “behind the scenes” visits.

The Xi’an VIP Tours consist of several VIP Venues that are NOT open to the public. Experiencing all these VIP Venues will take three full days. You can:

Add the three-day Xian VIP Tour to any of the Packaged Tours, or we can customize a tour for you that includes the Xi’an VIP Tour

Select and add individual VIP venues to your existing tour booking with us:

  • Shaanxi Institute of Archaeological Research*
  • Xi’an Museum Vault (White Glove Experience)*
  • Shaanxi History Museum Mural Room*
  • Forest of Steles to copy a stele*

*Denotes sites or experiences not open to the public

Talk to your travel agent or call us directly to book these once in a life time experiences.

Tour Description of our Three Days Xi’an VIP Tour
*Denotes sites or experiences not open to the public

Day 1 Xi’an Highlights: Our VIP Tour begins at the Shaanxi Provincial Institute of Archeological Research* where you will see restoration work in action on murals over 1,300 years old. There you will see restored bronze pieces and even a princess crown that took two years to restore by a team of Chinese and German archeologists. Your tour will continue on to the Museum of Terracotta Warriors and Horses of Emperor Qin Shihuang where more than 8,000 life-size statues, each sculpted with its own individual characteristics, have stood guard around Emperor Qin’s tomb for more than 2,000 years. After the Terracotta Museum, you will visit the Neolithic Village of Banpo that contains relics from the earliest known inhabitants of China. You will also have time for shopping to start your own collection of artifacts and souvenirs.

Day 2 Xi’an Highlights: Your morning begins with a drive to the Famen Temple and Museum which houses the true body phalanx of Sakyamuni, the Buddhist patriarch. You are now entering the Buddhist “Holy Land of China.” Famen Temple attracts pilgrims from all around the world and is considered sacred in the Buddhist religion. In the afternoon you will visit the Qianling Mausoleum of Tang Dynasty. A short walk up to the mausoleum offers you a beautiful natural scenic view of the area.

Day 3 Xi’an Highlights: Our VIP Tour begins at the Xi’an Municipal Institute for Archeological Research* where you can see the vessel that stores the oldest wine in the world (1,000 years old). The highlight is after donning a pair of white gloves you may hold original artifacts worth millions of dollars.* Needless to say, this will be a most memorable experience. You will then visit the Museum of the Forest of Steles in Xi’an. Here, you not only can appreciate different styles of Chinese calligraphy written by famous authors and poets from the Han Dynasty to Qing Dynasty engraved in stone tablets, you are taught how to make an inscription from selected steles.* Each stele is limited to a certain number of rubbing, but as part of our VIP Tour, the inscription copy you make is yours to keep as a valuable collector’s item.* In the afternoon our VIP Tour will visit Shaanxi Provincial History Museum where over 370,000 precious relics were unearthed in Shaanxi province. You will be able to venture inside the National Treasure Vault* where mural paintings from the Tang Dynasty tombs are kept. You will see the original murals depicting when the game “POLO” was first introduced to China during the Tang Dynasty. You will also be able to appreciate individual murals that paved the pathway (over 60 meters long) to one of the great Tang Dynasty tombs.


Day 1

  • Breakfast at hotel
  • Shaanxi Provincial Institute of Archeological Research*
  • Neolithic Village of Banpo
  • Museum of Terracotta Warriors and Horses of Emperor Qin Shihuang
  • Lunch at Friendship Restaurant (private room)
  • Shopping
  • Dinner at Dafachang Dumpling Restaurant
  • Back to hotel

*depicts venues not open to the public

Day 2

  • Breakfast at hotel
  • Famen Temple and Jewelry Storage House
  • Picnic lunch with wine at a natural scenic setting
  • Museum of Qianling Mausoleum of Tang Dynasty
  • Shopping
  • Tang Dynasty Dinner & Show
  • Back to hotel

*depicts venues not open to the public

Day 3

  • Breakfast at hotel
  • Xian Municipal Institute of Archeological Research*
  • Museum of Forest of Steles
    Learn to make your own inscription print from selected stele*
  • Lunch at a first-rate restaurant
  • Shaanxi Provincial Historical Museum
    See display of murals from the Tang tombs in National Treasure Vault *
    (National Treasure Vault opens on MWF only)
  • Shopping
  • Dinner at Laosunjia Pao Mo Restaurant
  • Back to hotel

*depicts venues not open to the public

Xi’an VIP Tour includes:

A private guide who speaks the language of your choice & private air conditioned motor coach with driver
Three meals a day including one dinner show
Entrance fees to all venues including VIP access fees

What Makes XI’AN VIP TOUR So Unique?

Access to sites NOT open to the public and see what the public does not get to see
Touch what the public does not get to touch
Only a limited number of people per day worldwide are allowed by the Chinese Government to participate in the Xi’an VIP Tour in order to protect these national treasures
A memorable life experience that will allow you to tell your friends what you saw that they did not get to see, and may never be able to see
Experience only what dignitaries can experience
No Lines, therefore more comfortable for the elderly

Detailed Xi’an VIP Tour Descriptions

Day 1

Shaanxi Provincial Institute of Archeological Research
This is a highly-secured government building that is NOT open to the public. This is where the Shaanxi Government has Chinese Scientists and German Scientists painstakingly restoring newly excavated relics within the province.

Our VIP’s will see the following (Not Open to Public):

  • German Scientists (joint venture between China and Germany) restoring bronze pieces excavated from the Terracotta Excavation sites (Chin Dynasty)
  • Chinese Scientist restoring the Tang Dynasty murals excavated from the Tang Tombs Treasure Vault that hold some of the precious relics

German scientist restoring Bronze Crane
Excavated together with the Terracottas

Bronze Crane being restored

Tang Empress’s Crown (took over 2 years to restore)

Chinese scientists restoring Tang Mural

Close-up photo opportunity with Terracotta Soldier

Close-up view of the armor of a Terracotta Soldier

Museum of Terracotta Warriors and Horses of Emperor Qin Shihuang (Pronounced as Chin Su Huang). Emperor Qin is the first emperor of China. He united all of China and built the Great Wall. The Terracotta Warriors were soldiers used to protect his tomb in the next life. His tomb too over 30 years to build.

Detailed Tour Descriptions

Day 2

  • Famen Temple. During the Tang Dynasty, the emperors all paid homage to the Famen Temple because it housed the “Finger-Bone of Buddha.” During the later part of the Tang Dynasty, the “Finger-Bone” disappeared as a result of the Huichang Suppression of Buddhism. For centuries, Chinese Buddhists tried to find the Sacred Buddha’s Bone. Surprisingly, it was rediscovered by Chinese archeologists in 1984 in an unearthed crypt near the old pagoda site of the Famen Temple. Buddhists from all over the world pay pilgrimage to the Famen Temple to worship the sacred “Buddha’s Bone.”

Famen Temple

Buddha’s Bone

Detailed Tour Descriptions

Day 3

  • Xi’an Municipal Institute Archeological Research. This Research Building is NOT open to the Public. Inside this Institute, our VIP’s will see the following that are NOT open to the Pubic:
  • Possibly the oldest wine in the world still in good condition. This wine has been authenticated as over 1,000 years old and was discovered in Xi’an. Although the wine was tightly sealed, scientists were able to determine it was still in good condition.

1,000-years-old wine kept well-preserved in this wine container.

  • At this Institute, our VIP’s will have a ONCE IN A LIFE TIME EXPERIENCE. They will sit at a velvet table and put on white gloves. An official will present one piece at a time. These are thousand year old authentic relic pieces. These Treasures are normally placed in museums and inside display cases. Our VIP’s will have the chance to hold each piece and closely examine the artifacts while an expert describes the history and significance of each piece.
    Only one piece will be showed at a time. A total of about 12 pieces that cover 5,000 years of history will be shown.

This bronze piece is over 2,000 years old

These 24-karat gold pieces weigh exactly 1 KG each.
To make them the exact weight, holes are punched
to adjust the weight. These pieces are over 2,500 years old.

Appreciating a pair of jade pigs

Considered the most well-preserved and precious
pair of jade pigs ever discovered in China
(Over 2,500 years old)

The same pair of jade pigs discussed in a leading publication

  • Forest of Steles. The Forest of Steles is also known as the Temple of Confucius. It was built in the year 1087 CE and started with over 1,000 steles (stone tablets) inscribed with the most important calligraphy and teachings at that time. Over time, the number of steles grew to over 3,500 and is considered a national treasure not only because it recorded some of the most important teachings, but also because it preserved the most important calligraphy of many of the best known Chinese scholars, including Confucius.
  • The Forest of Steles is open to the public, but our VIP’s will experience the following that is ONLY available to our VIP’s:
  • Each of our VIPs will be taught by the staff of the Forest of Steles how to make an inscription of a preselected stele (a choice of over 30 steles for our VIP’s use). The inscription process includes:
    • putting carbon powder on the Stele
    • putting a thin rice paper on the Stele
    • Using a brush to brush on the rice paper
    • The calligraphy will be copied onto the rice paper
  • This entire process of training and copying will take approximately one hour. This copy of the stele is very valuable as each stele is limited to how many times a copy can be made in order to preserve the quality of the stele. The steles selected for our VIP’s come from as far back as 703 CE. EACH VIP WILL BE ABLE TO KEEP HIS/HER COPY OF THE STELE AS A LIMITED EDITION AND A VALUABLE COLLECTIBLE.

Brushing the rice paper on the stele

Finalizing the copy of the stele

Finished copy of the stele. A Limited Edition and
Valuable Collectible.

  • Shaanxi Provincial Historical Museum. This museum was built in 1991 and an exhibition area of over 11,000 square meters (110,000 square feet). The design of the museum is based on Tang architecture, With a collection of over 370,000 pieces of relics, it has the largest collection of paintings from over 20 Tang Tombs (Tang is considered the most prosperous dynasty among all Chinese dynasties).

Shaanxi Provincial Historical Museum

  • The Shaanxi Provincial Historical Museum is open to the public, but our VIP’s will be able to visit the following which is NOT open to the Public:
  • Our VIP’s will be escorted to the underground Treasure Vault. This vault is normally locked with no one inside the vault. Inside the vault, our VIP’s will be able to appreciate the most valuable Tang Murals that are not even exhibited in the museum. This Treasure Vault has been visited by many World Leaders, including former President Clinton of the United States. Inside this vault, our VIP’s will see a Tang Mural showing that the Polo Game was introduced to China over a thousand years ago through the Silk Road.

Murals showing polo game in Tang Dynasty

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