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Why China is a great travel destination?

China travel is rapidly becoming one of the world’s top travel destinations. Spurred on by the magical display of the 2008 Olympics, an increasing number of visitors are discovering all that this diverse nation has to offer. You can explore the panoramic vistas of the Himalayan foothills, the magnificence of the Forbidden City and the cosmopolitan flare of Shanghai and Hong Kong. There is a vast contrast between the hustle of the large cities and the wide open spaces of the vast countryside. Guardian to one of the oldest known continuous civilizations, China is a land of natural beauty and man made wonders.

Visitors to China’s north plain region will find an area rich in history and the heartland of Chinese culture. It will take several days to tour Beijing, the Forbidden City, the Great Wall and Ming Tombs. You have the opportunity to see Mao’s Mausoleum, Tiananmen Square and the Temple of Heaven. Travel to sacred Mount Tai, one of the five most cherished mountains in the country.

It has served as the backdrop for numerous culturally significant events in Chinese history. The views of a sunrise or sunset from the South Gate of Heaven are breathtaking. You will be amazed by the Terra Cotta Army of the Emperor Qin in the ancient capital of Xi’an and the Longmen National Park in Henan. Take a trip along the Yellow River, one of China’s most historic trade routes and birthplace of Chinese civilization.

You can see the sights in the countryside on a Yangtze River boat trip. Explore the teahouses and high culture of Chengdu. It’s here that you can visit the Panda Breeding Center. In Lesion, visitors will discover the world’s largest statue of Buddha carved into the cliffs overlooking the river. Take a boat cruise to see the magnificent architectural feat of the Three Gorges Dam. A trip to Lushan National Park will reveal the beauty of Mount Lu, another of China’s sacred mountains.

The park is home to the Immortal Caverns, the Lushan Hot Springs and Five Old Man Peaks, as well as several UNESCO World Heritage sites, gardens and temples. Experience the museums of historic Nanjing, site of the infamous Japanese massacre of World War II. No trip to China would be complete without experiencing the sights and sounds of Shanghai.

With so many opportunities for excitement and exploration, China is a must-see travel destination. The best way to organize your trip is through the partnership of Cathay Pacific and Peregrine Travel. They can assist you with airfare, sightseeing itineraries and vacation packages.

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