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Want to Know the Best Way to Travel to China?

If you’re in search of the best way to travel to China, then consider Cathay Pacific Airways, one of the three largest airlines in the world, and the airline of choice for many who enjoy affordable, reliable commercial airline services. Those flying from the USA can take advantage of all the savings and top-notch service that Cathay Pacific Airways employs, with special summer fares and seasonal rates that make a vacation to China a very doable proposition!

Look into Cathay Pacific China Experience tour packages such as the 8-day and 7-night tour of Hong Kong and Guangdong; the Macau and Hong Kong tour (same duration); the Three Pearls tour of Macau, Guangdong, and Hong Kong over 10 days and 11 nights; and Richard Bangs’ 11-day “Adventures with Purpose” of those three locales which explores the exotic Pearl River Delta in a historically in-depth manner. There are 10 package tours in all, and all are affordably priced.

The Peregrine Travel Group is the ground itinerary arm of the Cathay Pacific China Experience, and works in conjunction to provide our travellers with a fully cultural experience. Cathay Pacific Airways ticket agents can recommend great tour packages, and work closely with Peregrine Travel Group to find you and your travel companions the best and most exciting tour packages for your budget! Isn’t it time you explored one of the ancient cradles of civilization–and did it in style?

Peregrine Travel Group has offices in Beijing, Shanghai, and Xian, and they can facilitate tour changes or additions, along with customer support during your China odyssey. Peregrine Travel Group is the choice tour group agency of many China travellers who want the most options, and most knowledgeable staff to assist them in their “peregrinations” through the sights, sounds, and scenery of a land filled with history and amazing peoples.

Cathay Pacific Airways’ China Experience has also recently added Yangtze River cruises and Chengdu panda visits to their lineup of exciting, not-to-be-missed attractions in China. You can also now visit miles-high monasteries in Lhasa, in Tibet; arrange through VIP tours to hold ancient artifacts, and personnally visit sites like the Forbidden City in Beijing.

Whatever your flavor or travel passions, Cathay Pacific Airways and its China Experience via Peregrine Travel Group has what you’re looking for.

Adventures all across China–from Beijing in the north, to Tibet in the south and west, to Hong Kong in the far south. Take the whole family, or take a romantic adventure for two, and book through Cathay Pacific Airways today!

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