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Travel to china in style

China’s mystery, allure, landscape and rich cultural history beg to be explored and experienced. Traveling to China is for the dreamers, for the curious, for the timeless traveler seeking to grasp at the ancient wonders to behold and glimpse into one of the most unique places on Earth. Setting foot into the Middle Kingdom changes one’s perspective on life itself and gives an unmatched boost in international citizenship.

As China emerges into the world of capitalism, more and more people are realizing that the seemingly obscure East Asian region is not something to be ignored or misunderstood. As a global powerhouse in business, as well being the oldest continuous civilization in the world, China exists on the forefront of international significance.

Visiting China, though, needn’t be a daunting, stressful or unreachable goal. Cathay Pacific, one of the leading airlines in the world, joined with Peregrine Travel group to offer various complete China travel packages designed to suit many interests, curiosities and needs.

Cathay Pacific China Experiences brings travelers seamlessly into and around China. Not only is air travel to China provided, the travel packages also include hotel accommodations, meals consisting of genuine local cuisine, private guides, and optional extras as requested. Paregrine Travel functions as the Cathay Pacific China Experience ground tour and local contact and maintains contacts and offices in many cities within China. Peregrine Travel has thus fostered a diverse network within East Asia that, partnered with Cathay Pacific, guarantees a unique and unforgettable time in the Middle Kingdom.

Many different Cathay Pacific China Experiences are available to choose from. Wander along the waterfront, known locally as the Bund, in the economic stronghold of Shanghai on a leisurely afternoon. Explore the ancient streets and temples of Xian, China’s oldest city. Visit Beijing and, of course, the Forbidden City. Let Cathay Pacific’s VIP package grant access to areas of

Forbidden City that are Not Open to the general public. Hike the Great Wall and soak up a thousand years of history in one afternoon.

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