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Travel in Class to China

In these tough economic times, there is one bright light. China is still growing strong. As an up and coming country, China is fast becoming a hot travel destination. China travel offers a unique blend of the ancient and the new. You can see the Hong Kong skyline and the Great Wall of China in the same trip. So now many people want to travel in class to China, to see what this amazing country has to offer.

Now you could just book a regular first class seat to China and hope to find a great experience when you get there. But the smart traveler knows to plan ahead. To help these smart travelers, Cathay Pacific is offering not only high class flights from the US to Asia, but also offers a wide variety of tours once you get there.

Cathay Pacific now offers 10 different tour packages. These all inclusive tours are so in demand that they have been expanded from 4 to 10 in this year alone. These amazing opportunities include tours like: a cruise along the Yangtze River and then being given the chance to care for an endangered panda cub in China’s Giant Panda Research Base in Chengdu. Another once in a lifetime opportunity is to visit the ancient Buddhist monasteries of Tibet in Lhasa. And these are just 2 of the 10 possible amazing opportunities, of which you can choose one to come in a package with your flight for a truly high class and breathtaking trip to China.

You can now book tours with an element of what is called the “Cathay Pacific VIP Experience”. This adds a special VIP element to each tour that is not available to the general public. From actually touching ancient artifacts or going inside closed areas of the ancient Forbidden City, each tour gives you an experience that is truly first class and will be a cherished memory forever.

Cathay Pacific, along with it’s partner in Peregrine Travel Group, are proud to offer these first class travel packages. Cathay Pacific is one of the top 3 airlines in the world, and it regularly rated to have the best service in the industry by travelers. Now you can really travel to and see China in class.

If you want to customize your tour package, Peregrine will gladly work with you to design your own itinerary. You can also add other countries in Asia, and extend your trip beyond China. In essence, you have one of the best airlines in the world and one of the best tour operators teamed up to work on your vacation planning to anywhere in Asia

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