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Travel Agencies

We welcome travel agencies and travel professionals to become a Peregrine Travel Group Selling Agent.

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We accept bookings from any travel agencies and travel professionals who are actively engaged in the business of selling travel. Please APPLY NOW by:

  1. Completing an application form and
  2. Fax or Mail the application to us together with a sample of your agency letterhead, and a copy of your business license or tax number certificate.

Peregrine Travel Group
9000 Crow Canyon Road
Suite S393
Danville, Ca. 94506

Once it is approved, we will issue and email to you a Peregrine Travel Agency ID and activate your Username and Password.

If you have any questions, please email to us at:

Click here for an application or Fill an application form online.

In addition to earning commissions for selling our products, Approved Travel Agencies and Travel Professionals will be entitled to:

• Participate in WebEx training events to find out “what’s new” in the world of     Peregrine Travel Group
• Receive newsletters dedicated for Travel Professionals
• View educational study tours (FAM) departure dates, prices and itineraries
• Special product promotions
• And Many More

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