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The Best Way to Experience a China Vacation

Cathay Pacific Airways has recently partnered with Peregrine Travel Group to offer flight and ground itinerary packages. Cathay Pacific Airways is one of the largest and most highly-rated airlines in the world. These new itineraries are vacation packages that provide experiences for travelers to China. Peregrine’s offices are located in China’s major cities, including Beijing, Shanghai and Xian, so that the company can offer amazing products and customer service to those traveling through the area. The China Experiences continue to grow in size and in terms of what the tours offer.There are ten China Experience tours, six of which are new this year.

Some tours take travelers on a river cruise of the Yangtzee River and others visit the Chengdu panda research facility to learn more about the animals. Experiences take visitors to the 11,000 foot high city of Lhasa in Tibet and the beautiful monasteries it holds. Tourists can visit the Xi’an Museum and actually hold some of its artifacts. The Forbidden City, once home to many previous Chinese emperors, offers guests a view of the Hall of Double Glory. Other popular experience destinations include Tiananmen Square, the Great Wall and the Beijing National Stadium.

The China Experience tours are meant to provide visitors with deeper appreciation and understanding of Chinese culture. The tours encourage the immersion of tourists into the everyday life of the locals. Peregrine provides the travelers with private tour guides so that they can benefit from the additional information and personal attention. They can answer any questions that travelers may have about the information presented on the tour.

Each of the ten China Experience tour packages offered by Cathay and Peregrine are described in detail on the Cathay Pacific website so that potential visitors can see a sample itinerary before scheduling a trip. Those who want to learn more about the experiences offered or book a trip to China can also contact the Peregrine Travel Group by phone. The experiences are meant to be unforgettable. They are also suitable for any type of traveler. Individuals, families with children, couples and small groups can all enjoy a China Experience tour. A China travel should be more than just a simple vacation abroad; it should be an experience.

If you want to customize your tour package, Peregrine will gladly work with you to design your own itinerary. You can also add other countries in Asia, and extend your trip beyond China. In essence, you have one of the best airlines in the world and one of the best tour operators teamed up to work on your vacation planning to anywhere in Asia.

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