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Highlights Archives: Chau Say Tevoda and Thommanon

These two small temples, similar in plan and style, are found opposite each other and it doesn’t take too long to see them. Both were built under Suryavarman II (1113-ca 1150) in the late 11th and mid-12th centuries. The Thommanon temple was dedicated to Vishnu (the protector) and presents some very nice walled doors and stylized goddesses, while its companion was built to honor Shiva (the destroyer) and sports scenes from the Ramayana. Although the precise dates of these monuments are unknown, they belong to the best period of classic art stylistically and represent two variations of a single theme of composition. Chau Say Tevoda has deteriorated more than Thommanon.

Phnom Penh

Although Phnom Penh only became the capital city of Cambodia in 1866, it is still a city steeped in tradition and history, offering several cultural and historical sights. Phnom Penh came under French colonial control from 1863-1953, flourished in independence in the late 1950s through the 60s, was besieged and then evacuated by the Khmer [...]

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Cambodia Module 6-Day Package 6 Days 5 Nights Siem Reap/Phnom Penh (PTC6D-1)

The Kingdom of Cambodia is one of the world’s newest and most exciting travel destinations. After years of isolation, Cambodia opened to tourists in the mid-1990s and the number of tourists has increased every year since – last year the country had nearly two million tourists. Cambodia’s primary tourist destinations – Angkor Wat and the [...]

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