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Dr. James Cullor

Dr. James S. Cullor
Professor and Global Food Safety and Vaccine Experts

Dr. James Cullor is the founder of the Dairy Food Safety Laboratories and the developer of the J5 vaccine. He has done research in biotechnology, immunology, infectious disease, and food safety for various different kinds of farm animals. He teaches bovine mastitis, adverse vaccine reactions, immunoprophylaxis, and on-farm food safety at the Veterinary Medicine Teaching and Research Center of UC Davis. In addition, he has done extension service through the Dairy Food Safety Laboratory to the University and State Education outreach and diagnostic services to the California Dairy Industry. His research has also delved into pathophysiology and immunology of disease, as well as public and environmental health, and over the years has become an expert in the production of safe food. In the last five years, he has traveled to China many times to learn about the country’s agricultural sector, adding an international understanding of the business to his already extensive experience.

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