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4 Days 3 Nights Zhangjiajie

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Zhangjiajie is a prefecture-level city in the northwestern part of Hunan province in China. It comprises the district of Yongding and counties of Cili and Sangzhi. Within it is located Wulingyuan Scenic Area which was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992. Zhangjiajie is famous for its exquisite forests, which are home to huge, leaf-covered stone pinnacles that rise right from the level ground. Get ready for some jaw-dropping panoramic views on your hiking adventures

Tour Schedule
1 Tiananmenshan Mountain, Mountain Tianmen Fox Fairy Performance

Morning: Arrive Zhangjiajie – Check into hotel.

Afternoon: Attractions in Tianmenshan Mountain, take the longest cable car in the world (7455 meters) to the holy mountain Tianmenshan Mountain is uniquely skyscraping and domineering. Tianmen cave the natural mountain-penetrating karst cave with the highest elevation in the world, hangs on the towering cliff. The cave become the unique sight under heaven and breeds the profound and grand heaven culture of Fairy.

Mountain Tianmen Fox Fairy Performance is the world’s first real-scene musical drama with the high mountains and deep valleys as the stage background, the drama integrates the elements of folk music and modern art. The show performance each night and outweighs other similar shows in China.

2 Huangshizhai, Golden Whip Brook

Morning: Huangshizhai (yellow stone stronghold), the largest view stand in Zhangjiajie, there are numerous lookout points for stunning views, from which you can see nearly half the peaks of Zhangjiajie, there is a popular saying goes like that if you dont visit Huangshizhai, you can’t claim you have come to Zhangjiajie. Story telling about the mountain by your guide is a lot of fun. You can have convenience of cable car in Huangshizhai. Hiking at Huangshizhai is a great challenging opportunity (flexible according to your hiking ability).

Afternoon: Golden Whip Brook which is reputed as the most beautiful canyon in the world and also your tour guide will tell beautiful story about the golden whip related to Chinas first emperor and Great Buddha -Guanyin. 3 hours hiking come to an end at Shuiraosimen (four streams converge here).

3 Yuanjiajie, Tianzi Mountain, Tujia Folk Custom Park

Morning: Yuanjiajie. Adventure tour start at Shuiraosimen (four streams converge here), Bailong elevator-world engineering wonder locates here, which stands out as the world tallest one with the height of 326 meters, it take 1.58 seconds to transport tourists from the bottom to the Yuanjiajie top exhibiting unbelievable and fantastic views.

Afternoon: Tianzi Mountain means Kings Mountain in English, because its Tujia minority chief-Xiang Dakuns uprising in Ming dynasty 500 years ago recorded in the history. Xiang Dakun is honored as a king.In Tianzi Mountain the huge forests of pillars stand foursquare against the distant blue hills, announcing them to be the very treasures that UNESCO declares them to be. Tianzi Mountain present itself in distinctive shape, geological speaking, and the rock formation is older than that in Yuanjiajie, you will have fantastic experience of stunning views, against the backdrop of sunset the Tianzishan cable transport you down the mountain.

Tujia Folk Custom Park With an area of over 5 hectares, Tujia Folk Custom Park is a large-scale cultural tourist attraction, which is mainly built to demonstrate Tujia peoples folk custom in various aspects such as architecture, food, agriculture, military art etc. Most of the buildings in Zhangjiajie Tujia Folk Custom Park are constructed with wood and stone with the characteristics of carved girder and painted columns, upturned eaves, especially the exquisite workmanship and ingenious construction are greatly acclaimed by the tourists. What’s more, tourists express much admiration on the programs held in the park of its splendid culture and magnificent folk custom.

4 Yellow Dragon Cave, Baofeng Lake

Morning: Yellow Dragon Cave is the longest one in Asia; it is an incomparable realm of gigantic subterranean chambers, fantastic cave formations, and extraordinary features. Today many of the wonders of Yellow dragon cave are well known, yet the experience of exploring its chambers is every bit as exciting. The cave remained mystic to local villagers before the first caving adventure took place in 1982; they believe it was the holy home for yellow dragon and spirits. Now the routes are well paved and well lighted. Sturdy walking shoes, flashlights, and water are required when you explore the cave.

Afternoon: In the afternoon discover Baofeng Lake, it seats in the half way of eagle mountain, but there is some human work involving in the natural lake. in 1970’s people fill the small faults of the lake with concrete to store water and water level come up and beautiful lake takes shape, boat tour in the lake gives a lot of fun with the folk songs by girls in the boat, the tourists are expected to interact with the folk song girls by crossing singing, permanent waterfall at the entrance is a wonder.
Your unforgettable trip ends and transportation to Zhangjiajie airport.


Baofeng Lake

Description : Baofeng Lake is a veritable place of graceful mountains and charming waterway and for all the kind, good gracious and wise people. Baofeng Lake .is such a paradise that you would like to visit again and again, whether you have been here or not. Located in the high gorges, a body of crystalline and calm water is surrounded by the emerald mountains. The lake is situated part way up the mountain range, 85 meters above the ground, and attains an altitude of 585 meters. Because of its association with the Baofeng Mountain Range, the lake bears the name of Baofeng. This water is produced by rainfall, mountain springs and underground streams, and .stays emerald all year around, so it is reputed as Paradise in the Human World. Beautiful scenery in this area include: Baofeng Waterfall, Stone Gate Welcoming Guests, Peacock Displaying Colorful Tail, and Golden Toad Biting the Moon, Fairy Lady Reflected in the Lake and so on.
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Golden Whip Stream

Description : With a length of 7.5 kilometers, Golden Whip Stream is famous for its pristine water, its verdant mountains, its steep cliffs and its serene valley. As a veritable paradise for plants, its pathways are adorned by an abundance of flowers, trees, and grasses. Then too, this place is a kingdom fit for various fauna-birds, fish and land animals. Such comparable scenic poetry is only to be found in fairy tales. Indeed, someone has aptly remarked: It is a stream of bright watercolor painting, and a creator of ancient legends. To many other observers, Golden Whip Stream is a stream at once unique and mysterious, producing astonishment in the hearts of those fortunate enough to tour its wonders.
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Description : Covering an area of about 250 mu (about 16.7 hectares) at its top, Huangshi Village ("yellow stone stronghold" in English) is approximately 800 meters above the ground, and 1100 meters above sea level averagely. The village is characterized by the overhanging cliffs, high staking platforms, jagged rocks and elegant apexes. And it is reputed as the enlarged potted landscape landscape and miniature fairyland.
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Mountain Tianmen Fox Fairy

Description : Mountain Tianmen Fox Fairy The Tianmen Mountain and Tianmen Cave are grand and magnificent. A 5km valley with altitude difference of more than 1000m nestles in the magnificent and extraordinary Wuling Mountain Range. The valley boasts fragrant grass, chattering stream and mist wafting from the valley, which make the valley like a heaven of peace and happiness. The main stage of the A Fox Fairy of Tianmen Mountain – the New Story of Woodman Liuhai blends with wonderful mountains, valleys, forests, streams and waterfalls to form the only large stage against the background of towering mountains and valley in the world, measuring all over 1 kilometer in depth, width and height respectively. The central stage of the play is built above the brook, looking like an inverse ancient tree floating on the bubbling stream, which blends with surrounding natural landscapes perfectly. Occupying a total area of 10000m2, the stage is the largest stage for performance in the world up to now. Moreover, it is designed to be made of glass steel, which becomes transparently bright under lighting effect to create fantastic scenes with color variations.
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Tianmenshan Mountain

Description : Tianmenshan Mountain is uniquely skyscraping and domineering. Tianmen cave the natural mountain-penetrating karst cave with the highest elevation in the world, hangs on the towering cliff. The cave become the unique sight under heaven and breeds the profound and grand heaven culture of Fairy Mountain in the local area. Tianmenshan Mountain is the second national forest park in Zhangjiajie. On the mountaintop are intact sub-primitive forests with overflowing wild atmosphere in all the seasons. In addition, the densely populated karst hillocks and karrens plus the mating of strange rocks and graceful trees. Create a grand garden of bonsai as if blessed by the God. Tianmenshan Mountain Temple, with an area of over 10000 square meters, has been honored as a pilgrimage site ever since the Ming Dynasty. It is the Buddhist center of Western Hunan.
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Tianzi Mountain (Tianzishan)

Description : Tianzi Mountain, Tianzishan natural reserve is situated between Zhangjiajie National Forest Park and Suoxi Valley natural reserve and covers an area of 93 sq km. The highest peak is 1,260 meters (4,130ft) above sea level and provides stunning views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. Waterfalls, bridges, stone forests and caves are found throughout the mountains. Tianzishan is known for 4 natural spectacles - the clouds of mist that circle the peaks of the mountain, the amazing views of the rising sun, the moonlit nights and snowcapped winter peaks. They include more than 80 natural platforms to take in the magnificent scenery.
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Tujia Folk Custom Park

Description : Tujia Folk Custom Park has been greatly applauded by the tourists from all over the world these years. It is nicknamed "a window to see through the facts of Tujia ethnic group" in China. Covering an area of over 5 hectares, the park is mainly built to display Tujia people's folk custom in different aspects, such as architecture, food, agriculture, dance, songs, customs, military art etc. Most of the buildings here are constructed with wood and stone with the characteristics of carved girder and painted columns, upturned eaves. In the park, tourists can enjoy very traditional programs performed by the local Tujia people. In April, 2001, former premier Zhu Rongji visited the Tujia Folk Custom Park and gave a high appraisal of it. In September, 2002, the park successfully held a large-scale Maogusi Dance Party. This activity and its Nine-layer Diaojiaolou Building were listed in the Guinness World Record. In January,2004, the park was designated as the 4A National Tourist Attraction by CNTA (China National Tourism Administration)
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Yellow Dragon Cave

Description : Yellow Dragon Cave is more beautiful than the outside world. Day or night, without fear of rain or wind, all year long, you can delight in its wonderful scenery.The cave is of good beneficial air circulation, and is cool in the summer and war in the winter. Yellow Dragon Cave is one of the foremost scenic areas in Zhangjiajie, and was rated as one of the first 4A National Tourist Attractions in China. Also it has been honored as magical karst cave both in China and in the world.
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Yuanjiajie (Avatar Mount)

Description : Located in the northwest part of the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Yuanjiajie is a divided by deep valleys. Added to this scene is an array of amazing lesser peaks and grotesque rocks. Each one stands in the valley and possesses its own peculiar shape. The foremost attractions in this area include: Back Garden, breathtaking Mihun Stage, and the First Bridge under the Sun.Yuanjiajie lies between Huangshi Village (yellow stone stronghold) and Tianzi Mountain (emperor mountain). From Zhangjiajie National Forest Park there are approaches to the place.
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